Cycling At East Coast Park

East Coast Park, this is my second time go to that place. I went before with The Green Book designer team that last 2 year ago. I still remember about BBQ party because of it have happened bad weather in that party. If you live in Singapore you will be known that weather is quickly changes. At that time, the whole day is clear and sunny day but we just start BBQ after that heavy raining is start that funny isn’t it?
When the raining was stops at around 9 o’clock after that no mood to do BBQ. That rain makes me remembrance of East Coast Park BBQ Party.

Now I go with The Green Book’s colleagues again on that Sunny day. I think you can be guess about my feeling that I got bad experience last time. This time is totally different with last time because my beloved wife is join BBQ party and No raining at all. So I can happier than last 2 year BBQ party.

Me & my wife ride a bicycle at East Coast Park with some. I rent a bicycle 10 Dollar per Hours. I take 2 bicycles for me and my wife (Mal Moon). We ride from BBQ pit D36 to over Bedok Jetty. We also take a lot of picture and make funs. East Coast Park is one of a beauty park in Singapore. It quiet and peaceful place, personally I more prefer than Santosa Beach. If you want to know about detail of East Coast Park in Singapore, I recommend to check this web page.

I just want to tell you about Bedok Jetty. It is the longest fishing jetty in Singapore, and also the most popular one. It is located at East Coast Park, near Area F. A lot of people are fishing and bicycling on there. A little bit far from the jetty it was almost 2 Hours, we decide to go back BBQ pit and pay back the Bicycles.

We start BBQ around 5 PM; after we play BBQ party me and my wife take a photos on the seashore until afterglow. After that I say good bye to all of my friends and go back to my home happily. This BBQ party is also my remembrance day in my Life.



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